Sunday, March 14, 2010

keep you in the dark ,

let's try this out,

Hmm. This little blog here, not so sure what it will be yet. Random thoughts? Ranting? A blog of my boring life? Song recommendations? No clue. It'll just be, is my guess.

I'll start out with ME. My name is Courtney, I'm fourteen years old. Young, yeah, I guess. Mature, according to everyone I know. I'm not really going to talk about myself. I'm still not sure. I seriously just signed up without even thinking about it - don't shoot me.

I love to write. Reading's cool too, but books often piss me off. Just by the endings, because I always don't want it to end yet. Movies are great. I'm not going to talk about shit like Twilight or Harry Potter - I don't really want to get into that shit, considering people are too wrapped up in it as is. I don't want this to be filled with tons of people arguing over things - sure, I'm probably going to be stating my opinion on a lot of things. But I don't want fighting over ridiculous things. Which is why I'm probably going to stay away from all of that. I'm saying probably because I still have no idea what this will be. If someone happens to stumble upon this, and has an idea, then I'm all for it. (: Open to suggestions, all that good stuff.

i'll be your memories, you're lullaby for all the times, hoping my voice could get it right.

I adore Mayday Parade. Well, they're my current obsession. I've always loved All Time Low, along with many many many others. But I really don't want to list the two-hundred-something bands that I'm in love with. No I don't just like Alternative, Punk music. I love the mainstream stuff, Rock, Classical, Rap. Country's even growing on me.

I'm just going to end this - I really need to get an idea of what I'm going to do with this Blog. This is what happens when I do things impulsively.


_disenchanted said...

your music taste makes me so happy. blogbuddiesftw!