Thursday, March 18, 2010

solemn warnings,

who's gonna drive you home?

so - my journalism teacher is just a little bit of a wack-job, alright? know this going in.
why is he a wack-job, you ask?
well. he calls himself master tiger.
we have spirit fingers.
he calls us tiger rats.
we had a week-long 'writing camp'.
he doesn't consider a having pizza in class a party, whatsoever.
we have 'sacred writing time' every single day.
we have a 'secret class handshake'.

come to think of it, i'd probably like him if he didn't give us so much work.

i just want one more chance, to put my arms in fragile hands,

well, i just got home from school, and it really feels like a friday. it makes no sense to me, but it does. it really pisses me off that it's thurday, though. because that means i have so much homework to do, due tomorrow.
my grades suck ass, and quarter's over next, next week.
since the quarter is almost over, i've been busting my ass to get good grades, and it's somehow made them worse. i didn't think that it was possible, me getting Ds, but here i am. getting Ds, when i work my ass off.
it scares me shitless, really.
if i don't go to college - i'm kicked out of the house, disowned.
the second that my grades go bad, i'm under lockdown. i used to be an A student - i used to be really smart, too.
what ever happened to that? can intelligence really just... disappear like that?
the thing that stumps me though... is that i've done really well on all of my work, all quarter long.
how in the hell do i have Ds?
I think it may be some faulty thing in the system.
or i sure as hell hope so.

i thought you said forever, over and over.

i really seriously love anberlin. like, a lot.
anyways, this section won't be about anberlin. still not really sure of what it'll be on, but probably music of some sort.
can you tell i just kind of... do whatever i want in these sections?
if you can't, either you aren't the brightest colored crayon in the box, or i'm a really good bser & blogger.
i bet its the second one, cause i don't think anyone who reads this isn't smartt, and wonderrful, and just the slightest bit out there.. i think you'd have to be to read about all of this random shit, from just another blog. XD
i was totally going to add something else, but my lack of the ability to remember anything has once again struck. so, iloveyouuu!

this sleepless night becomes utter oblivion.