Thursday, March 18, 2010

oh, whoops, that's a curb.

i'm calling your name up into the air. not one of the others could ever compare.

well. hello there, you lovely person you!

okay, that was stupid. but, whatever. i'm kind of realllly happy(: i don't know why, but driving makes me happy.

i just drove around my high school's parking lottt!

well, if you didn't know, i don't have my license yet.

or my permit..

i actually just started segment one, and it sucks. i hate it.

but i've gotta do it, right? riight(:

wait - there is a light, there is a fire.

concerts make me happy. the following is mainly just a note for myself, but whatever.

May 6th; The Summer Set. Hey Monday. Nevershoutnever. Every Avenue. The Cab.
Pontiac, 7PM.

May 20th; 3oh!3, Cobra Starship,

June 15th; All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, LMFAO, Third Eye Blind, Forever the Sickest Kids.

Those are the concerts i plan on going to.
It's going to happen.
I'm sure of it.

defragmenting the attic. fate? Or something better?

those two sections above are from two days ago.
i didn't think that they were enough to publish - cause they suck asssss.

soo, here i am, adding more.

i could care less,

okay, so i am newly in love with the band incubus, and yesterday i bought the script's CD. lovethem,somuch. anywhore, all day long i've been listening to incubus, the script, mayday, and anberlin. all amazing bands, that i love oh-so-mucch.

you know what i love about this blogging thing? i think i may actually be alright at it.

maybe. you tell me, alright? alrightt.

back to the topic of this pretty little section here - music loves.

if you haven't listened to any of them... well, go do it. now. like, i'm demanding it(:

just stay with me a while.